TC3 Preparations - Installation TwinCAT

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Basically, we have to install three things to be able to follow the tutorial:

  1. TwinCAT, consisting of an IDE and a Runtime
  2. TwinCAT TCP/IP, since we need it later in the tutorial
  3. the simulation of our to-be-automated production plant

But one step at a time.


The installation of TwinCAT 3.1 is straightforward. You just download the latest release of the TwinCAT 3.1 XAE from the Beckhoff homepage. You find it in the download-section:

TwinCAT 3 Download

You have to register using your e-mail address and a passwort in order to be able to download files from Beckhoff. After that, get yourself a coffee while the download completes.

The software comes in a *.zip file you unzip (surprise) before you execute the included setup file. Then, you just follow the instructions.

It is important to know that TwinCAT's IDE is based on Microsoft's VisualStudio. If you have some release of VisualStudio installed on your system, you can tell the setup to integrate TwinCAT into your VS installation.

If you do not have VS yet, you can decide to install the VisualStudio shell together with TwinCAT. You do not need to buy a VS license in order to use TwinCAT.