TC3 Preparations - Production System Simulation

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Production system simulation

The simulation of the production line consists of three parts:

  1. A TwinCAT simulation project
  2. A 3D simulation
  3. A panel simulator

First we get this stuff onto your hard drive. Afterwards I will describe what the single parts do and how you use them. 

You can download the complete package as a *.zip file here:

After downloading, simply unzip and that's it. You will then find the following subdirectories wherever you extracted the file:

3D-Simulation: Contains the 3D simulation of the system that will serve you as an automation playground.

Panel Simulator: Contains the panel simulator which will simulate the hardware buttons and indicator lights which can normally be found on the cabinet doors.

Template Project: An empty TwinCAT project with integrated simulation you can use as a staring point.

You can put these directories wherever you want since they do not reference each other in any way. But you should have the simulation in a path that is shorter than 255 characters, e.g. directly under C:\Sim. It will be launched automatically and also in 2016 some system functions have that DOSish 255-char-limit.

Ablegen könnt ihr diese Verzeichnisse wo immer ihr wollt, sie hängen nicht voneinander ab und benötigen auch keinen speziellen Pfad, um zu funktionieren.