TC3 Preparations - System Settings

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Further system settings

As TwinCAT is a real-time system running beneath your windows OS, there are some other things required for it to run as it should. As long as you don't want to reserve single CPU cores exclusively for TwinCAT, the system will utilize the hardware virtualization features of your CPU to use the cores for real-time.

Therefore, you should activate these features in your BIOS (for Intel CPUs these are calles VT-x or VT-d). Furthermore you should check your antivirus software. At least with AVAST you need to set some parameters that otherwise prevent the runtime from, well, running.

Open the AVAST UI and navigate to the settings menu. Under "Error Handling" deactivate the following features: 

  1. Activate hardware virtualization
  2. Activate root-kit detection on startup

In addition, I also deactivated following options, even though they should not cause trouble:

  1. Activate Avast self-protection
  2. Enable raw disk access

If you are running Windows 8, 8.1 or 10 you have to use a batch-file provided by Beckhoff to allow TwinCAT to activate the system timer functionality. You find the file unter:


Execute it with admin privileges and reboot. Done.