TC3 Preparations - Simulation setup

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Simulation setup

After extracting the simulation files, place them somewhere on your file system. There is no need for more installation procedurs. It just works. The only thing you have to do is entering the path to the 3D simulation's executable.

As shown in the architecture overview, the real-time simulation and your code will run in the same TwinCAT runtime, but in different tasks. All of this is already prepared in the template project. Therefore, it's a good idea to use that as a starting point for your programming.

When you open the template project, you will see two sub-projects, as shown below:

Template project structure

The first one is the real-time simulation. It consists of only one line of code that calls the actual simulation code that resides in a precompiled library.

The other one is a (nearly) empty PLC project, where you can go crazy with your coding. It only has the default MAIN program in it. This contains one string variable where the path to the 3D simulation executable is stored:


Path selection

Enter the path that is correct for your system and rebuild the complete solution using Build → Rebuild.