TC3 Preparations - Using the simulation

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Using the simulation

To start your code and the simulation, activate the configuration via TwinCAT → Activate Configuration. Subsequently, a message box will ask you, if TwinCAT shall go into run mode. Confirm this.

Starting TwinCAT

Now all the real-time stuff is working. Afterwards, you have to load and start the two PLC projects. To do so, choose one of them (1) as shown in the picture and click Login (2).

PLC project selection

It is possible that you are asked if the according application shall be created, if it is not existing yet. Confirm this. As soon as the code has been compiled and loaded, start it's execution with Run (3).

Run command

Repeat these steps for the remaining project. When you have completed these steps for the simulation project, the 3D simulation will start automatically. Now you can start the panel simulator from the appropriate directory and start testing your code.