As you can extract from the pages' title, my name is Sven Haan. Born and raised in the Aachen area, my father inspired me with an interest in electronics and technology. This enthusiams for technology also fundamentally influenced my carrer choice. After my apprenticeship as an electronics technician, I studied electrical engineering with a focus on automation and drives in Aachen.

Throughout my career I worked for different companies in different industries, primarily dealing with software development and architecture for machinery and plants. It began with real-time applications and over the time, I worked more and more in higher languages, especially C# in conjunction with WPF. This is how I went from cables to bits and bytes.

I work as a project and product manager for a local company which builds complex laser machines for engraving and cutting processes. Besides that, I'm the founder of svenhaan|automation, my software company which focuses on machine simulation and virtual commissioning. But we also design and develop custom software for our customer's needs.

I spend my leisure time with my wife and kids or racing down hills on my mountain bike. Furthermore, I enjoy photography and international cuisine, both cooking and eating it. Suits well, as I love travelling to remote places in my rooftop tent.

My love for good stories also makes Pen-and-Paper RPG evenings with my friends part of my interests. Yes, you did read geek here.

Oh, and there is my YouTube-channel where I cover the field of industrial automation and which led to the creation of this website in the first place.